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Sunday, July 19, 2009
100 truths

Note: My blog has been moved to long long time ago...

I post the following here because I could not find any other suitable place to post...


Tag game: 100 truths

1. Last beverage : Plain water  :"(
2. Last phone call : Peyling
3. Last text message: Peyling
4. Last song you listened to : taylor swift's "our song"
5. Last time you cried : forgot liao

6. Dated someone twice : dated n times liao
7. Been cheated on : always, but i dun mind
8. Kissed someone & regretted it : no lor...
9. Lost someone special : who is someone special?
10. Been depressed : ya, long time ago
11. Been drunk and threw up : no lor, cant tahan wine de taste

12. Red
13. Blue
14. Black (in fact i dunno wat color i like la, cincai write only)

15. Made a new friend : got ba...
16. Fallen out of love : ...
25. Do you want to change your name : dun wan
26. What did you do for your last birthday : forgotten liao leh...
27. What time did you wake up today : 10++am
28. What were you doing at midnight last night : midnight? sleep la!!
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for : graduate
30. Last time you saw your Mother : before coming back here lor
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life : nothing
32. What are you listening to right now : i type keyboard de noice
33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom : i talked to many strangers, dunno if there's any of them named tom
34. What's getting on your nerves right now : low quality education!!
35. Most visited webpage : my blog? n facebook of coz
36. Whats your real name : shing cheng, tan
37. Nicknames : shingcheng
38. Relationship Status : single but not available
39. Zodiac sign : sagitta... (dunno how to spell)
40. Male or female? : male
41. Elementary : apa itu?
42. Middle School? : smka, sdbl
43. college/Uni : uni of malaysia, sarawak (i dun like to mention its name in i dun like de language)
44. Hair colour : black
45. Long or short : short
46. Height : around 175cm
47. Do you have a crush on someone? : u say leh?
48. What do you like about yourself? : all
49. Piercings : apa itu piercing?
50. Tattoos : no
51. Righty or lefty : righty

52. First surgery: dun think i hav
53. First piercing : refer to no 49
54. First best friend : too many best fren, forgotten who is the 1st
55. First sport you joined : football (primary sch de time, sport de time, teacher force every1 to join de)
56. First vacation : bp?
58. First pair of trainers : dun hav trainer leh..

59. Eating : juz finish eat mee soup
60. Drinking : plain water
61. I'm about to : offline
62. Listening to : nothing
63. Waiting on : time to stop

64. Want kids? : ya, maybe 2 or 3
65. Get Married? : of coz
66. Career? : hmmm...geneticist??

67. Lips or eyes : eyes
68. Hugs or kisses : both
69. Shorter or taller : same height
70. Older or Younger : young
71. Romantic or spontaneous : romantic
72. Nice stomach or nice arms : both
73. Sensitive or loud : apa itu?
74. Hook-up or relationship : relationship
75. Trouble maker or hesitant : hesitant (dunno wat is this, but i dun like troublemakers)

76. Kissed a stranger : no
77. Drank hard liquor : no
78. Lost glasses/contacts : no
79. Sex on first date : no (start feel sien liao, so giv short answer only)
80. Broken someone's heart : i think so
82. Been arrested : no
83. Turned someone down : yes
84. Cried when someone died : no (i m cold blooded)
85. Fallen for a friend? : yes

86. Yourself : yes
87. Miracles : depends
88. Love at first sight : i believe, but i dun think it'll occur on myself
89. Heaven : no...i m a scientist!!
90. Santa Claus : i only believe in presents~~
91. Kiss on the first date : no
92. Angels : no

94. Had more than 1 girlfriend/boyfriend at a time : if got 1, i jiu feel contented liao lor...
95. Did you sing today? : i think so
96. Ever cheated on somebody : always...haha
97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go? : before form 6, so tat i can work harder to get 4.0
98. If you could pick a day from last year and relive it, what would it be? : dun wan, i look forward for the future
99. Are you afraid of falling in love? : no...looking forward to it actually
100. Posting this as 100 truths? : post in my old blog, without tagging anyone


* i'm not going to tag anyone

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008
Blog moved

Chances are, I won't be updating this blog anymore.
Or at most update once or twice a year.
Quite lazy to log into blogdrive to post an entry.
Anyway, I'll still update my chinese blog, maybe once in a fortnight or something like that.
Please visit

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

How come no one has viewed my blog and giv me some comments recently?
I like sharing...
I like to share my daily experience, my opinion, my works etc with other people...
In fact, one of the purposes for me to write this blog is to share...
If nobody wants to view here, then I'll be updating my english blog (here) less and less often...
In fact, I feel very happy when some of my friends went to my msn chinese blog and give some comments...
At least I can feel that they concern about me, although the number of visitor is not much...
Oh, ya...the number of visitors there even exceeds the number of visitors here!!

Well, I still cannot find a job...
I cannot find a job which offer me reasonably high pay...
Of course, my family still have the ability to support my daily expenses...
So I don't need a job with high salary...
But I also cannot find a job which require me to work only for a short period every day...
One of the jobs which can offer me such conditions being the temporary teacher in chinese primary school...
But I was rejected because it was too full, and also because I did not sit for Chinese Language paper during my SPM time, and hence, I do not have any official evidence to prove that I know mandarin (they regard night-school certificate as an unofficial one)!!
I do not want to work for too long because I still have a lot of things to attend to...
Also, I need a few hours per day to watch TV programmes, to read, to surf the Net etc as means of relaxation...
Hence, chances are I'll not be going to find a job anymore...

That's all for today...

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Monday, December 31, 2007
Happy New Year 2008

I wish all my dear blog readers:


May all your dreams come true...
All the best to u!

2007 has been a good year for me - a year full of memories!
Hopefully, 2008 will be an even better year!
Good luck!!

Please click here.

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Before I begin, I'd like to inform all of you that I've got a new blog, i.e. .
Both blogs are active.
The msn blog would be my chinese blog and here would remain as my english blog.

Recently, I have been quite busy looking for a job.
Up until now, I still can't find any, probably because my expectations for job are too high.
But who wouldn't want to find a job with short working hour and high salary?
I may not have any working experience, but I am confident that I can work better than others, simply because I believe that I really am a fast learner.

Being busy looking for a job is the reason why I left my house untidied until yesterday.
Almost everyday, I went out early in the morning and went home about the dinner time.
I was too tired to tidy up the mess.
I even falled sick few days ago due to fatigue.
But anyway, I've successfully done the work yesterday.
Here are some pictures to show how mess was (and is) the upstairs of my house:





Sorry to have killed you...but...goodbye~

PART of my stationeries...goodness, don't know where to keep them...


what it looks like now...

the from my juniors 1 or 2 years ago...

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007
happy 19th birthday

今年哦,upper 6了,除了自己班上的,也认识了不少隔壁班的朋友,也都慢慢熟起来了。
竟然考最难的一张 - 化学2!


birthday cake

birthday cake
我还很好意思叫那个人给我一张happy birthday的牌和一支蜡烛

it's me

lid candle


bite candle



my birthday!~




largest birthday card

second largest

third largest
这张,是dear叫文丽(不懂哪个wen2 哪个li4)

my dear write de

from my parents


从第一张开始,写了"邮址:陈信圳同学の心里,生日快乐,happy birthday!"
第五张:"从心の祝福...从心の "

反正说到谢谢了,谢谢写生日卡的人,也不忘记那些信息我或通过网上或亲口跟我说生日快乐的人。还有我那班的朋友+勇辉,送我两张memory card。谢谢你们全部。

my mum cook de

red eggs

egg tart


*其实这个blog前几天就写好了,但是全部照片都在我电话里,我的card reader又借人了,所以拖到现在才放上来。


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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


1 最近在看的電視----八频道晚上九点的
2 最近在做的事情----考试
3 最近在聽的音樂----光良品冠
4 最近關心的話題----考完试要去哪里玩?
5 最近常想的異性----我的未来老婆
6 最近常想做的事----睡觉...好久没睡好了     
7 最近身體狀況----还好
8 最近理財狀況----一直都还在破产状况
9 對朋友最想說的話----恭喜考完试了
10 對自己最想說的話----加油吧...
11 記憶中做過的最瘋狂的事情----想不到
12 最不喜歡吃的食物----不好吃的食物
13 最不喜歡吃的水果----不好吃的水果
14 最怕什麼----考试
15 現在最想做的事----赚钱~
16 你最遺憾的一件事情----考试没准备好(怎么我的答案一直围绕在考试啊?)
17 短期的目標----把新歌都非法下载完,听到够
18 現在最想買的東西----很多
19 覺得自己最大的優點是什麼----很有耐性,把这个东西完成到第19提了。
20 近一年最丟人的事情是什麼----太多了,说不完,就不说
21 今年最大的願望是什麼----我生日许的愿望(只有你知道)
22 迄今為止最難忘的一件事----18和19岁生日,尤其是19岁的
23 如果上天給你一個再來一次的機會,你最想改變哪件事情----挽回那个错误
24 現階段生活的支點是什麼----华语不好,看不懂题目
25 “付出是為了獲得”是否是一切交流的原則----不是,如果可以,就不要付出都能获得
26 到目前為止談過幾次戀愛---- 哈哈
27 失去什麼你會不想活下去----活下去的勇气
28 你會選擇愛還是被愛----被爱的人爱
29 你覺得自己能找到幸福嗎----再看
30 你認為自己善良嗎----除了会虐待昆虫(我杀蚊子等的方法是超残忍的),我应该蛮善良了
31 你觉得人活着是为了什么----为了明天还能活着
32 最想去的地方----梦幻世界
33 在你心目中,事業重要還是家庭重要----目前还没有事业
34 你對同性戀婚姻有什麼樣的看法----只要我不是主角,我能接受
35 什么事能让你感到幸福----大声喊"我很幸福"
36 你難過時會想起誰----想能让我不难过的人
37 在生命的最後一天,你會做什麼----寻找明天还能活下去的方法
38 你覺得自己是個自私的人嗎----看对象
39 一句刻骨銘心的謊話----这个点名游戏很赞!
40 對自己的一切最滿意的是什麼----皮肤比较白一点的脚
41 曾經的好朋友滄海桑田,你會覺得怎樣----想打给他死
42 什麼類型的電影最讓你感動----好像没有~
43 喜歡用什麼方式排解煩惱----躺着,像死人那样什么都不管
44 這一秒你在想什麼----还有六十题就完了
45 你有幾個真正的朋友----说多不多,说少不少
46 家人重要還是朋友重要,只能一選----家人咯
47 你印象最深刻的鬼片是哪一部?哪個情景?----<校墓处>之类的吧。每个情景都像笑片那样
48 你相信有靈魂這種媒介存在麼?----我是读生物的,不信(才怪)
49 如果要在身體上紋一個身,你最希望的部位是哪裏?---- 可以不要吗?我怕痛...
50 你最自戀的表現是什麼----觉得自己唱歌很好听,但其实每次都下雨
51 如何稱呼自己的伴侶才夠肉麻?---- 想不到
52 你希望世界返璞歸真還是越來越先進----不关我事,不去想
53 你認為自己是什麼樣的人呢?----有眼睛鼻子嘴巴的人
54 不想死也不想好好活著的時候該以什麼樣的方式面對?----面对
55 如果用動物來形容自己,你最接近什麼動物?----生物有读到是猩猩
56 做了這麼多題目之後,有什麼想法?----几时才能完成?
57 用三個詞來形容一下自己目前的生活----不知道 
58 支撐你對自己戀人無限包容的支點是什麼----爱
59 如果明確告訴你死了能到更美好的世界,你會不會馬上去死----跟我说的人先去死先
60 在你心目中,朋友,究竟是什麼?----他们都是friends
61 一個陌生人莫名其妙給你一個並不重的耳光之後,再對你微笑,你會有什麼反應?----叫他再来一次,然后打给他死
62 你最讨厌什么样的人?----弄到我对他讨厌的人
63 你有過劈腿的經歷嗎(包括精神)---- ...
64 目前為止,生命中重要的幾個人?(可以用昵稱)----你、我、他
66 最近聽到的最八卦的事情是什麼?----好像没时间去听耶
67 如果條件允許,會養什麼寵物?----恐龙可以吓吓看了不爽的人
68 等待一個愛的人, 你會為自己設一個時限嗎?----会,一辈子
69 最近看了什么书啊?----longman stpm biology volume 1 & 2
70 最令你无法忍受的事情----明知道我很忙还点我玩这个点名游戏(故意说的)
71 你有试过在大庭广众放无声屁吗?然后装傻。 要说真的哦!---- 没有装傻!
72 你喜歡什麼類型的異性?----要是人类
73 想擁有怎樣的一間房子?----可以住的,要有电脑,冷气,要舒服的
74 想要為自己的明天做些什麼?---唱光良的<为明天>
75 如果有机会,你会不会来趟寻找自我之旅?原因?----等我有$再说吧
76 以后希望从事什么事业?----皇帝
77 朋友在大庭广众做丢脸的事,你会怎么对他?----笑大大声
79 最想死的方法?----不会痛,不会恐怖的死法
80 在临死前的那一刻,最依依不舍的事?----我的灵魂
81 如果时间倒流,你想做的第一件事是什么?----如果倒转回去太久以前,我要再回来现在的方法
82 如果你发现你现在的男朋友/女朋友劈腿,你会原谅她吗?----再看咯
83 相信一见钟情吗?----也是再看咯
84 在你心中,我算是你的什么人?----你是哪根葱?
85 请列出一个你认为我最大的优点和最坏的缺点。----再问一次,你是哪根葱?(回答到这里已经懒惰回答了)
86 如果这一题不用你绞尽脑子回答,你会不会感激我?----不会,你应该直接把游戏结束掉,不要点别人,就不会继续,我就不会成为第102个玩这个游戏的人
87 对你而言,你觉得时间真的会冲淡一切吗?----看是什么事咯
88 要是大便大到一半,没有卫生纸,你会怎么办?---- 用嘴巴........用嘴巴喊外面的人帮忙啦!
89 现在的你开心和幸福吗?^^----本来开心幸福,但考完是还要回答这些鬼问题,不开心了!
90 喜欢的人喜欢你吗?---- 没人要我~~~
91 会对喜欢的人做什么事??----继续喜欢她
92 你会害怕死亡么?----看是谁陪我死先
93 在什么情况下会跟不喜欢的人在一起?----当不喜欢的人弄到我喜欢他
94 如果你喜欢的人有男/女朋友,你会怎么做?----杀掉她的男朋友,煮来吃!
95 你是夜貓子嗎?----夜人子,不是猫。冷。
96 你现在最想揍的人是谁?----你!
97 做了水晶指甲该怎么样挖鼻孔----用脚指塞进去挖
99 永遠~有多遠----很远
100 现在几点钟?----2.27pm
101 在眼镜还没发明以前,眼镜蛇叫什么?----近视蛇?毒蛇?大蛇?哎呀,总之是蛇啦!
102 如果遇到暴露狂,你会怎样?----

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Saturday, November 03, 2007
Blepharospasm and STPM

Blepharospasm (眼睑痉挛)- the word I search by using Wikipedia for about 15 minutes.
Why am I searching for this word?
First of all, we have to know what do we mean by the term blepharospasm.
It means an eye disorder where there is an abnormal tic (uncontrolled muscle contraction) or twitch of the eyelid.
In other words, it means 眼皮跳.
The previous time when my left eyelid twitched was few weeks ago, and it lasted for few hours only.
But yesterday night, it started to twitch again, and it has been twitched until now, which is why I am looking for some information about it on the internet.

Nevertheless, I am not looking for the medical treatments of blepharospasm.
My eyelids have twitched very rarely (I think they have twitched for at most 2 or 3 times from the day i born until now).
That's why I don't bother much about the disorder.
If it persists, I'll just have to go for a doctor.
It's of no use for me to search for treatment myself.
What I am searching for has been, the myth behind the disorder. (I search for the myth for more than half an hour, and search for the disorder for about 15 minutes)
I remembered I heard some people said before, that the twitching of the eyelids does predicts our fate.
But I've forgotten whether the twitch of left eyelid brings about a good fortune or a bad one.
Since I am writing a post in my blog (my dear asked me to write just now), I decided to make thorough "research" about the myth behind blepharospasm.

According to most of the websites I have visited, the twitching of left eyelid usually brings about good fortune whereas that of right eyelid usually brings about bad fortune. (左眼跳财,右眼跳灾)
Notice the word "usually".
It means that it will sometimes gives opposite predictions too.
It depends on the gender, the time where the eyelids start to twitch, the left or right eyelids, and on what day it starts to twitch.
Sounds very complicated, right?
Well, it's myth and it's analysis by unknown persons.
I am not that superstitious, but I think it will not bring any disadvantage for me to take a look on the "analysis".

As most websites I viewed give predictions according to the gender and the time it happens, I'll copy a few which is closely related to what may happen to me in near future:

子时 - 贵人出现,可帮自己解决问题
11pm - 1am - someone would come and help me solve my problems

午时 - 有口福,会有人请你吃饭
11am to 1pm - someone would treat me meals

申时 - 小心破财,最好别赌博,保证输到你脸发青 (这个我觉得很准)
3pm to 5pm - I might become bankrupt (which I think is so true!)

亥时 - 恶客来访,八成是上门讨债,自己看着办
9pm to 11pm - someone would come and take revenge on me, I'm in danger!

My left eyelid has been twitching at these hours.
Conclusion : 2 good things and 2 bad things will happen to me.
So the overall effect is, nothing would happen to me.
Because, should I become bankrupt, someone will treat me meals.
If someone wants to take revenge on me, someone else will appear to deal with him.
So I don't have to worry too much about this.

Lastly, one point worthy of mention is that, from the point of view of science, the occurrance of blepharospasm is a bad sign.
It means I may be too tired and my nervous system is functioning abnormally due to that.
What can I do? I am going to face the so-called "world's third hardest exam" (STPM) approximately 15 days later.
I don't think I can finish my revision.
The ones I most afraid of is my Maths (paper 2) and my Inorganic Chemistry, which I don't even have started reading.
Currently I am reading my Biology, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Maths Paper 1.
I'll only be reading my Pengajian Am two or three days before the exam day.
This is because, what we have to read is only part of the Paper 1 (the multiple-choice objective paper) which stand for 37.5%.
Paper 2 is like essays, interpretation of data etc, which we don't actually have to read.
Out of the 37.5%, dasar kerajaan, perlembagaan, undang-undang etc stand for about 28%.
The other 12.5% is for simple calculations.
So, why should we put in so much efforts on it?
Moreover it's in Malay Language.
I've been reading English books for the past 1½ year.
If I were to suddenly switch to read books in Malay Language, I may not get used to it and may end up in falling asleep.
I'll make good use of time to make revisions, especially on Science subjects, from now on.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

I thought I'll be updating my blog after my STPM...
But my computer has undergone "transplantation" (it has a transplanted organ - motherboard and processor), so I can online again...
I ask Kolin to help me repair it...
But there are some problems with the stocks he got from his supplier, so he temporarily exchange his motherboard and processor with mine since I need my computer quite urgently (my brother needs it for work)...
He'll repair for me again after he gets the new stocks...

Yesterday, I received a phone call from a private number...
A man talked to me in a very serious manner...
He said "Ini Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur, ini kali kedua pihak kami menjemput encik untuk menghadiri.........untuk sebarang pertanyaan, sila tekan 9"
He then repeated it in Mandarin "这里是吉隆坡最高法院,这是我们第二次.........,如果有什么疑问,请按9"
Who cares about what Mahkamah Tinggi? I did not do anything wrong...
So I know it was a prank / trick / whatever (I mean 骗局 -- my English has become poorer and poorer)...
I was going to press 9 and "play" with them...
But then I remembered that I've just topped up few days ago...
In case they are going to charge me $$, I'll be in the disadvantage side...
So I ended the phone call...

Talking about prank call, I remembered that about two weeks ago, when I was attending my Chemistry tuition class, I receive a call from a weird number (the number was something like 4011* or *404)
Since my dear ask me to take up the call, and my phone was left with RM0.02 at that time, I decided to answer the call...
A girl with a sweet voice talked to me in a very Chinese style...
She said she was from a company in KL and was trying to do a survey...
After asking me some questions, she told me that I was invited to some party...
She asked my about my age and my name...
I told her I am 21 years old and my surname is Teo (张)
And then she asked for my full name...
I refused to tell her, and told her that I am very busy...
But she kept asking me the same question, and I kept "playing" with her...
Until finally she fed up and raised her voice and asked me "Why do you refuse to tell me your name?!?"
Then...I said "I am busy, byebye" and ended the call...
They kept call me again and again, until finally I turned off my handphone...

Few days later, Kian Ming told me he got the same call also...
It was also someone with very Chinese style talking to him, but it was a man...
Kian Ming "played" with them also, but Kian Ming was very co-operative that he answered all the questions they asked (althought he was dishonest to them)...
But until now, nobody knows what was the purpose of that phone call...

That's all for today...

Posted at 03:22 pm by shingcheng
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Friday, October 05, 2007

Haha, my PC spoilt again...
As a result, I have to "abandon" my blog again again and again...
I don't think I'll be writing my blog very often until my PC is repaired...
And I'll only repair my PC after my STPM examination...
No $$ and exam is around the corner...
My STPM will start at about 40 days later...
I do my revision everyday, but still cannot finish my syllabus...
Yet I am in cyber cafe now...and have to pay RM2.80 for each hour by using this "advance PC"...

I notice that I've lost the ability to present my opinion in English after stop writing blog for a very long time...
My English has become poorer and poorer...
And I think I make a lot of grammatical errors in this post...

So, I think I should stop here
I'll continue writing my blog after my STPM ends on early December...

Posted at 11:01 pm by shingcheng
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